Polish Army Infantry Charging (wz. 36 uniforms)

Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: White metal

This set contains five metal miniatures - 5 soldiers armed with rifles together with five 25mm bases.

All our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included.

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8,99 €


Latest Polish Army uniform, before the outbreak of the World War II, was wz. 36 (pattern 36). Due to the lack of time to finish the outfit unification only some of the units were provided with such clothing. The color and design of the wz. 36 was far more useful than pervious uniforms, especially in Polish conditions.
Armed mostly with 7.92mm Mauser carbines, Polish squads counted 19 riflemen, including NCO, and 1 B.A.R. gunner. Such huge formations were quite unique in the WW II and considered rather outdated. Despite that Polish infantry fought well, thanks to the good training and excellent officers. Some of the units even launched succesful counterattacks against overwhelming enemy forces, taking the fight to the enemy – also in the hand-to-hand combat. Such bodacious and brave actions often shocked Germans, forcing them to retreat and stop the offensive.