Polish Army HQ

Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: White metal

This set contains five metal miniatures - Captain, lieutenant, adjutant, forward observer and marksmen armed with anti-tank rifle. Four 25mm bases and one 25mm x 70mm base for anti-tank rifle included.

All our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included.

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In II RP officers were seen as one of the most respectable positions in interwar society. Well-educated and excellently trained, those people were keystone in forming and developing Polish Army. Not only as soldiers, but also as the elite of Polish nation, officers influenced many aspects of life in 20th century Poland. Filled with patriotism and ready to sacrifice their lifes for the homeland, Polish officers gained respect even from the Germans. One of the best-known commanders was Major Henryk Sucharski, who lead the defence of Westerplatte – Polish station in Free City of Gdańsk. For over a week about 200 Polish soldiers held their positions against over 4000 Germans, supported by numerous artillery and even a Schleswig-Holstein battleship. After the capitulation Mjr Sucharski and his soldiers were taken prisoners – despite that Germans allowed Polish officer to keep his cavalry sword, as a sign of respect.

One of the most unique designs of polish weaponry was Anti-tank Rifle wz. 35, called „Ur” (short for Uruguay). Designed in 1938 and produced in Poland Ur was one of the most advanced and innovative anti-vehicle weapons. Unfortunately Polish Army did not recieved enought rifles and infantry was not trained in time to use it efficiently. Many of wz. 35 rifles were kept in secret, which played it's role – Germans did not expect such weapon and were highly surprised. After the defeat German forces used Polish Ur, mostly during the African Campaign. Even Italian Army recieved almost 1000 wz. 35 AT rifles.