Polish Army Black Brigade wz. 31 Mortar Team

Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: White metal

This set contains four metal miniatures - wz. 30 mortar and three crewmen together with two 25mm bases and one 25mm x 50mm base.

HMG/Mortar Movement Tray is also included for easier movement of your troops on the battlefield.

All our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included.

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10th Cavalry Brigade were equiped with wz. 31 Mortars, same as the rest of Polish Army. Highly trained and well prepared Polish soldiers proved themselves during the defense of Poland in September 1939. Wearing iconic coats Black Brigade stood out on the battlefield, both visibly and training-wise. Wz. 31 Mortars were designed for 3-men crew and could fire 3 types of rounds (high-explosive, smoke and incendary) was perfect medium-range support weapon. This kind of equipment was vital for defending positions, especially in rough terrain such as mountains, rivers and swamps. Wz. 31 mortar had impressive rate of fire, thanks to improved construction. Well-trained crew was able to shoot even 20 rounds per minute. In 1939 Polish Army had over 2000 mortars ready for use.