Polish Army Black Brigade wz. 1914/1919 Skoda 100mm howitzer

Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: White metal

This set contains 100mm wz. 1914/1919 Skoda howitzer gun with four crew and two 25mm bases.

Light Artillery Movement Tray is also included in this set for easier movement of your troops on the battlefield.

All our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included.

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As long range support „Black Brigade” was supplied with 4 100mm Skoda howitzers. Produced since 1928 those guns were standard medium artillery in Polish Army. Used by Black Brigade during defense operations Skoda howitzers proved it's usefulness and durabilty. Before the outbreak of the war it was on of the most popular howitzers used in Europe.Most of the Skodas were towed by horse-drawn carriages, but to improve mobility several half-track CP4 tractors were assigned to the 10th Cavalry Brigade. Unfortunately Polish forces lacked guns and ammunition, so the artillery support was significantly reduced.
After the defeat Polish guns were captured and used by the Germans during the French Campaign and later, during the defense of Normandy.